Case Studies

Everything You Need To Know About Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are some of the most beautiful - and most functional - natural stone tiles around. The exquisite colours, the incredible texture, and the impressive durability make them an excellent addition to any home. Here we will try to answer any questions you might have about slate floor or wall tiles, and help inform [...]

Outdoor Swimming Pool Tiles

Our client was very happy with our efforts, both in supplying the perfect tiles and getting them installed before the sun vanishes.

Complete Guide To Stone Tile Finishes

Ever wondered what the difference between honed tiles and tumbled tiles is? This page has all the information you could possibly need to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying the perfect stone tiles. Honed Tiles Tumbled Tiles Polished Tiles Riven Tiles What are honed tiles? Honed stone tiles are evenly [...]

£10 Million Bromley Mansion

On the very exclusive Forest Drive, the four-floor, six bedroom home has a range of amenities – from a hydrotherapy suite to a nine-seater cinema. However, we think you’ll agree the most beautiful aspect of this mansion is undoubtedly the beautiful stone flooring.