Everything You Need To Know About Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are some of the most beautiful – and most functional – natural stone tiles around. The exquisite colours, the incredible texture, and the impressive durability make them an excellent addition to any home. Here we will try to answer any questions you might have about slate floor or wall tiles, and help inform your decisions when choosing to renovate your space.

Are slate tiles good for flooring?

Without a doubt, slate tiles are perfect for your floor. They are probably the most popular choice – and for good reason! They are naturally durable, as slate is formed over a very long period of time from shale-type sedimentary rock made up of volcanic ash or clay. They are great for high-traffic areas as they will maintain their quality and colouring, even when used outside. They are highly-resistant to dents, scratches, scrapes and stains, making them a great choice for any home or garden.

They are also a very low-maintenance option for flooring. Because they are moisture-resistant and have a non-porous surface, all it needs it a regular sweeping to keep it free of debris. Moreover, the darker colouring and subtle patterns are effective at hiding dirt, so it will be unnoticeable if they do go for a while without a clean.

What about as wall tiles?

The beautiful aesthetic of the slate tiles makes them a great way to uplift any room by using them on the walls. They are highly reflective (especially when compared to paint or wallpaper!), which makes them ideal for spaces that receive low lighting. The differences in colouring mean that there are options for creating very modern-looking rooms with the flat or textured greys and blues, as well as more traditional, rustic-looking areas (and everything in between!). For example, our slate cladding is a great choice for making a feature wall or transforming a plain bathroom into a truly luxurious area.

Are slate tiles safe?

Slate tiles are naturally-formed, so compared to synthetic options such as laminate flooring or nylon carpets, they will not give off any harmful organic chemicals. We also supply sealant to make sure they are not releasing any unwanted particles either. Because it is so easy to clean and won’t hold on to particles as a carpet would, they make a good hypoallergenic choice for people with allergies.

As a stone tile, it is very resistant to fire, and slate is naturally slip-resistant to an extent. You can also find them in different finishes which have various degrees of slipperiness – you can read more in our complete guide to stone tile finishes.

Are slate tiles good for bathrooms?

Slate tiles are an amazing choice for bathrooms! They do not absorb water so will resist mould and will be very easy to clean. Their appearance is striking without ever being over-powering, giving a more elegant appearance to the room. The natural colouring also pairs incredibly well with any bathroom fixtures.

If you want a heated floor for your bathroom, slate tiles are ideal. They are great for radiating heat as they have great heat-conduction properties. While ordinarily slate flooring can be a bit cool to the touch, underfloor heating can eliminate this issue and bring your bathroom to the next level.

Can slate tiles be used outdoors?

Definitely! They are resistant to water, scratches, and their colouring and texture hide dirt extremely well. As they are a natural stone made from a mixture of time and pressure, they will lend that sense of grandeur to an outdoor space without sacrificing any of its natural charm.

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