Privacy Policy

As of the 25th May 2018 our Privacy Policy has been updated to comply with the new GDPR guidelines. We are committed to your privacy and will always be transparent with how we store and use your data.

How we obtain your data

When an enquiry is made with Stone Direct for either a sample, quotation or an order, either over the telephone or online, our secure system stores the details given.

Why we obtain your data

Your data is obtained for the purpose of sending out samples, quotations and delivery of goods and to offer our best customer service.

When requesting a sample, quotation or placing an order online you have the option to opt out of our mailing list.

Do we share your data?

We will never pass on your data to third parties.  The only time your data is shared is with our haulage companies when an order has been placed with us, is so that your goods can be delivered.

When a sample or quotation is requested you are required to provide a delivery address and contact details to enable us to provide you with a sample or quotation.  All samples are sent via Royal Mail for which your address details are shared with Royal Mail for the purpose of the postage label.

When requesting a sample or quotation we will ask a couple of question like the size of area to be covered and which room you intend on tiling.  This information will never be shared with third parties and is stored on our secure data base purely for in house purposes and to ensure great customer service.

Enquiring for information

When an enquiry is made either via telephone, live chat or completing our online quotation or sample request form, we will ask for a contact name, contact number, email address and address and post code.  This is to ensure we can offer great customer service and quote the correct delivery costs.  The data collected from your enquiry is only used for follow up and never passed on to third parties.

Placing an order

When an order is placed either over the telephone or via our online ordering system, we will require your name, contact number, email address and delivery address, this is to allow us to process your order.  Your data is stored on our secure data base and will only be used to produce a sales order, sales receipt and organising delivery.  We only share your delivery details, name and contact number with our trusted hauliers to enable us to deliver your order.  We work closely with our hauliers and know that they can be trusted with this information and your confidentiality.

Our updated Privacy Policy will automatically come into effect for our existing customers – you will need to contact us should you wish to opt out of your data being stored on our system. Please be aware this will result in no further communications. Future customers will have to confirm that they agree with our Privacy Policy and the GDPR to request a sample, quotation or place an order.